Heyo people! I am the founder of this wiki $oosmaster10000 and since the development of season 2 of Gravity Falls I have basically been freaking out about everything. Now this is not about me this about the society and the madness that it has fallen to.


The Author

  • Spoilers*

Now a lot of people have had theories about who the author is and I myself have always had a suspicion that it was Stanley and I was right. Since the start of season 2 many theories have been cracked like the fact that McGucket was the author which I fell victim to for some time. But now that we know that Stanley is the author I have a new theory that I would like to submit. Now I don't fully believe myself but I think that Stanley also isn't the author. We all know that Hirsich likes to mess with us. He released pictures of McGucket writing in the journal and made us wait for almost a year for an episode that was almost a complete and utter disappointment. Its just common fact so I think that, in a very small part of my mind, that Stanley isn't the author for those reasons. Now before people start riots on here let me restate that I don't fully think this, but it is a possibility. What if Stanley isn't the author? Then who is? Have we met them yet? Is time travel involved? Could the author already be dead? Im getting down to the truth. Please leave your thoughts about this.

Who is Bill? Now we all know Bill as the devious "Triangle Guy" who has some sort of plan for the kids. Now I haven't heard many theories about Bill but I do have one of my own. What if Bill used to be a human? Just think about it. He knows something and needs access to the books for whatever his plan is. Now I do have a sort of story that goes behind this theory. Theres obviously some mysterious force in Gravity Falls.